Project Instructions + Supplies


Pinch-pot with Plant:


  • Colored clay
  • Air plant


  1. Choose a piece of your colored clay 
  2. Pick other colors and mix it with the first color if you want (but don’t use all of the clay)
  3. Roll the clay around in your hands to shape it into a ball
  4. Begin forming a bowl by pushing the clay down in the center of the ball with your fingers (but don’t push all the way through) 
    1. optional: use another bowl as a mold and shape the clay to the inside of the bowl
  5. Squeeze around the sides of the bowl to make the edges thinner, but make sure it is still sturdy enough to stand on its own
  6. Decorate the bowl with other pieces of clay if you want
  7. Wait for your bowl to dry completely and put your little plant in it
  8. If you have more clay, make another bowl!


Tissue Paper Self-Portrait: 


  • Blank face template
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • “Hair” strings 
  • Gloves (optional)


  1. Think about what you look like. What color is your hair? Your eyes? Your shirt? 
  2. Choose your tissue paper and tear it into small pieces
  3. Pour the glue out onto a mini paper plate and gently dip a piece of paper into it
  4. Place the paper with glue on the blank face template
  5. Continue this to cover the whole face
    1. Use different colors on different parts of the face, and cut pieces of string for the hair
    2. Do it however you want! Remember, the face is a guideline, and it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  6. Decorate the background too!


Painting with Cars and Animals:


  • Finger paints
  • Paper
  • Cars + animal toys + sponges
  • Mini paper plates
  • Gloves (optional)


  1. Pour out paint onto the mini paper plates
  2. Run a toy car through or dip the animal paws into the paint
  3. Stamp the toy onto a sheet of paper to create colorful patterns and designs. 
  4. Switch up your toy or colors while working to make your painting unique
  5. You can use your fingers too!




  • Paper towel tube
  • Tape
  • “Filling” (quinoa with some rocks)
  • stickers 
  • Rubber band
  • Parchment paper square


  1. Tape over the rubber band on the closed end to hold it in place
  2. Decorate the outside of the paper towel tube however you want using pieces of colorful tape, and/or stickers (or markers if you have them) 
  3. After decorating, fill the tube with the filling inside the small plastic bag
  4. Using a rubber band, seal the parchment paper over the open end of the tube (just like the other side) and tape over it
  5. Shake and roll the tube to make “rain” sounds


Shaving Cream Tie-Dye T-Shirt:


  • T-shirt 
  • Shaving cream
  • Disposable pan
  • Dye bottles (ADD WATER)
  • Wooden skewer


  1. Before class: add water up to the fill line in the 3 dye bottles
  2. Completely dampen your t-shirt with water and wring it out
  3. Spray all of the shaving cream in the bottom of the pan and spread it out ( like icing a cake)
  4. Gently squeeze drops of paint on top of the shaving cream
  5. Take the wooden skewer and drag it through the shaving cream and paint drops to make your design however you want
  6. Take your damp t-shirt and gently lay the front flat across the shaving cream and paint design in your pan and gently press down so the pattern sticks to your shirt.
  7. Repeat this on another part of your shirt (but don’t do it on the back of the shirt unless you can immediately hang it up to dry)
  8. Take your shirt out, lay it flat or hang it up and let it dry for about 6 hours.  
  9. Have your parents wash the t-shirt and enjoy wearing it!