Hello everyone! This week I finished my final virtual art class. I can’t believe it’s over, but I’m so proud of everything I and the kids have done. This was such a fun process, and I loved getting to know the kids and sharing art with them since art is so important to me. 

I’m really happy that everything came together in the end because there were so many different components and challenges involved. At the beginning, this was such an uncertain process. Figuring out the best people to reach out to about my program to recruit kids was my biggest challenge, and organizing the logistics was also quite challenging. I think I have better learned how to organize and plan out details because of this experience. Also, throughout the summer, I think I have improved my virtual communication skills from reaching out to and pitching my program idea to strangers over email to leading the weekly classes over video calls. Because of this, I also now know how to work Zoom like a pro! 

I hoped that this program would give the kids something meaningful to work on and look forward to right now since all of their other programs were canceled this summer. I think it did just that. One of the most exciting things about this was also watching the kids get excited about the projects and seeing the families work together. Watching the kids smile and laugh when they tried out a new art material for the first time to reading the parents’ emails to me saying how much their kid looks forward to class feels so rewarding and makes it all worth it. 

Thank you for following along with my journey this summer! And special thanks to the Jack Linger Independent Study Fund, which helped make this possible. It has been super fun, but I still plan on continuing virtual classes with the special education program at McDougle Middle School once school starts.