Class 4

Hello everyone! In this week’s art class, the kids and I made rain-sticks out of paper towel tubes filled with rocks and quinoa, and we decorated them using colorful tapes, stickers, and markers. Since the rain-sticks make really nice sounds when you shake them, I think that the kids enjoyed the sensory component of this project.

In the planning stages of this summer art program, I did a lot of research on special needs education and art for kids with special needs to learn about the kinds of activities that would be most accessible and enjoyable for everyone. From this research, I learned that doing projects that work multiple senses are much more engaging and beneficial for the kids’ creativity. So, for each of the projects, I really tried to incorporate the different senses from sound with the rain-sticks, touch with the fluffy clay for the pinch pots, and smell with the shaving cream that will be used in my next project. This incorporation of sensory activating elements are what I think has improved my projects significantly and made the kids feel much more connected to their art compared to the projects I did during the school year at McDougle. Those projects were still good, especially since at the time I could be there in person to help the kids, but the revisions I have made to them over the summer have made them much more successful!

Next week, I will be updating you on the final project! I can’t believe its almost over already, and I am truly amazed by how much I’ve been able to accomplish!