Class 3

This past week, I completed my 3rd virtual art class. I can’t believe I’m already halfway through them! 

This week we worked on a stamping project using finger paints with a variety of objects, such as toy cars, animals, and sponges, instead of paint brushes. This was really fun because there were absolutely no rules: everyone approached it however they wanted and just had fun playing with the paints and different toy stamps. One of the kids even made up a story as he was painting; since he was painting with an anteater and a toy car, he described how his anteater was driving across the ocean to see his friend lion on a deserted island. 

Not everyone could make it to the live class, but what was really exciting to see was that most of the kids who couldn’t make it still worked on their projects in their own time and sent me pictures afterwards. I’m really happy to see that the families are still carving out time to create art together.

Check out the “Artwork Collection” page to see more of the kids’ art, and look out for another update next week on project 4!