Class 2

 Hello everyone! This past week, I did my second virtual project with the kids. It was great to see them again, and even though I knew I didn’t need to worry, I was also thrilled that they loved it enough to come back. This week, we worked on a self-portrait project by gluing colorful tissue paper onto a template I made. This was one of the projects that I did before with the kids at McDougle during the school year, so I knew already  that this one was a hit. 

One thing that I love about this project is seeing all of the unique approaches that the kids took when creating their face. Even though the project itself seems pretty structured since it is essentially coloring in a template using tissue paper, all of the kids still took it in their own direction, made it their own, and decorated it in really unique, creative ways. Seeing the kids’ creativity and ideas in action was what made this project really great. Especially when their parents sent me photos of the finished pieces at the end, it was a really exciting surprise!

Thank you for checking in with me, and I will continue to update you with my progress after class 3! This week I also created a new page called “Artwork Collection” to display all of the kids’ work in one place, so feel free to check that out as well! 

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